Thursday, December 16, 2010

Ties is Floating on Cloud Nine

Ties is finally going up on Cloud Nine Comix. It's the first of many digital publishing deals to come for Ties. I was able to put up a sample of the first chapters and then publish the whole book when it's done. I am so proud to see it all coming together. Ira will have his day.

It's super important to use and abuse the new digital market for first time creators. You don't have a huge publishing house behind you so it's even more important to use every resource you have. Digital publishers are relatively new to the game too and they have unlimited publishing potential so they are even more open to accepting your content.

For some eye candy I am posting up the art I used to make some awesome coasters. Find them at a bar near you! Or email me and you can take them to a bar near you!

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  1. Awesome! Post a link as soon as it's available for download so I can spam everyone! :-)