Sunday, October 13, 2013

Comikaze Prep

It's that time again to head Downtown for LA's best convention: Comikaze Expo.

That means I have a million and one things to do to get ready for the show. Surprisingly last year, I sold little super hero ducks. I will do the same this year.

I also bought a tablet so I can show off my new webseries work:
It's my first directing/writing/producing effort. It came from an old high school idea about what the lives of people who hunt the hunters would be like. What would it take to kill a vampire slayer or a demon hunter? I wanted to find out with an amazing crew of people. It was hectic but well worth it. Making a film, even a short one is an amazing experience.

Ira will be there of course, being grouchy and asking for scotch.

I will also have these guys there:

Wednesday, July 24, 2013


Poor Ira has been neglected here for quite some time!
I was able to take him to SDCC 2013 with me but I guess I should update you on what else is rockin'!

I have my second book out on Amazon: Dead Stinky Animals

Please do corrupt your children with it.... and teach them their ABCs, of course.

I am also working on the next BOOK.

I am starting a gallery with my business partner: Illumination Gallery  Which has been a frightening process. It will be ultimately rewarding but as with most grand plans, things have not exactly been smooth.

I am also writing for Biff Bam Pop  I did some great coverage and got to talk to a bunch of people at this year's San Diego. I was almost crushed to death twice but it was well worth it!

Ira is still my baby and I carry him like a talisman wherever I go. I will see him made into something and the next book is rattling in my head.  Unfortunately, all the scenarios I see Ira in start veering into Oldboy territory and I have been a bit more upbeat as of late.  It's a massive amount of energy to go to dark places like that and try and protect your psyche. Not to sound too granola, but it's true.

So Things move forward and I am always taking the next step in this grand journey!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

A New Year Update!

A new year and time to ramp up the comic making again. Every year I'm excited to get started on new projects and finish old ones. Sketches like this one in Ira's style keep me going. I should color it, yeah?

The ABC book is also coming along. Yay! Yes. It's dead, stinky animals.  Don't you want to teach your kid's their letters this way?! What could be more fun!

But Ira is not forgotten. There's a smart little girl out there named Alison who's ready to make trouble out of Ira's penchant for letters. More on her later.

Happy New Year!!