Wednesday, July 24, 2013


Poor Ira has been neglected here for quite some time!
I was able to take him to SDCC 2013 with me but I guess I should update you on what else is rockin'!

I have my second book out on Amazon: Dead Stinky Animals

Please do corrupt your children with it.... and teach them their ABCs, of course.

I am also working on the next BOOK.

I am starting a gallery with my business partner: Illumination Gallery  Which has been a frightening process. It will be ultimately rewarding but as with most grand plans, things have not exactly been smooth.

I am also writing for Biff Bam Pop  I did some great coverage and got to talk to a bunch of people at this year's San Diego. I was almost crushed to death twice but it was well worth it!

Ira is still my baby and I carry him like a talisman wherever I go. I will see him made into something and the next book is rattling in my head.  Unfortunately, all the scenarios I see Ira in start veering into Oldboy territory and I have been a bit more upbeat as of late.  It's a massive amount of energy to go to dark places like that and try and protect your psyche. Not to sound too granola, but it's true.

So Things move forward and I am always taking the next step in this grand journey!

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