Thursday, December 16, 2010

Ties is Floating on Cloud Nine

Ties is finally going up on Cloud Nine Comix. It's the first of many digital publishing deals to come for Ties. I was able to put up a sample of the first chapters and then publish the whole book when it's done. I am so proud to see it all coming together. Ira will have his day.

It's super important to use and abuse the new digital market for first time creators. You don't have a huge publishing house behind you so it's even more important to use every resource you have. Digital publishers are relatively new to the game too and they have unlimited publishing potential so they are even more open to accepting your content.

For some eye candy I am posting up the art I used to make some awesome coasters. Find them at a bar near you! Or email me and you can take them to a bar near you!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Ties Returns From Longbeach A Success!

Many stopped by the Latchkey Studios booth and picked up Ties. It was a complete success for Ira Anderson and his quest to get people to feel sorry for him. I recruited my new young friend up there to show off the cover. Don't worry. I didn't expose him to Ira's more seedy  exploits. 

It was a great show with great people. We really got the word out. Now by the next convention the whole book will be done and all will be able to read Ira's full story!

Monday, October 18, 2010

An Introduction From Our Protagonist

In putting together the teaser book I wanted to have something different. I think it's fun to interact with your books and be able to take things apart. To that end I have discovered a letter from Ira and will include it in the preview book for all to read. I wanted to share below, so you could get a first look at it. You will be able to pull it out of an envelope if you get the preview book. It's like the old days before an iPad let you flip pages!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Blood, Sweat and Tears...

In preparation for my submission to the Xeric Grant I wanted to show a bit of process. I have pencils inks and letters for the first page of the book below. I would have put up my thumbnails as well but they are indecipherable. Since I am writing the script too, I tend to cheat on the script writing and thumb nailing process. It's an active choice that keeps the process organic. I also sketch out the diaolgue and then flesh it out once I have the art. Sometimes this requires that I change the art again but I like using the parts like building blocks to get the whole thing together. 

It's one of the benefits to being my own creative team. I can work however I want and I can beat the artist when she doesn't deliver.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A Shiny Cover Means....

Awesomeness on the inside of course!

Here is the cover for Ties.

It went through a couple incarnations as you can see here.

But I felt it was too dark. Ira is dark enough in this book.  I wanted to show him drowning in his own messy life, while at the same time reaching for it. This "mess" creeps in again during the low points in his life.

Photoshop really is my only friend. I would love to learn more about Painter and Illustrator but I find I can do almost anything in Photoshop. I also cannot give up my plain old pencil and paper. I just can't ink with a tablet the way I ink with a brush.  I'm old school because I'm better at the old school.

Plus Megan showed me a Photoshop technique for getting the line work super clean. Thank you! You can see her super clean lines as well HERE!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Hydra Speaks!

In addition to working full time, running an art group and keeping body and soul together, I have also managed to start work on my own graphic novel.  After graduating school and then subsequently receiving my 10,001st rejection letter, I am embarking on the self publishing circuit with my Latchkey group. Not an easy road, I will grant you.

Speaking of which I will be applying to the Xeric Grant with Ties again because you can't give up when they say no the first time!  This time I have much more of the book completed and I'm hoping that counts towards me getting the grant next time. I take for granted that they were blown away but just couldn't wait for me to submit again so they could see more for free!  HA!

So thank you fans for reading my first post. I will be attending Long Beach Comic Con over Halloween weekend and I hope to see you there and ready for the preview book of Ties!

More actual art coming soon.