Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Hydra Speaks!

In addition to working full time, running an art group and keeping body and soul together, I have also managed to start work on my own graphic novel.  After graduating school and then subsequently receiving my 10,001st rejection letter, I am embarking on the self publishing circuit with my Latchkey group. Not an easy road, I will grant you.

Speaking of which I will be applying to the Xeric Grant with Ties again because you can't give up when they say no the first time!  This time I have much more of the book completed and I'm hoping that counts towards me getting the grant next time. I take for granted that they were blown away but just couldn't wait for me to submit again so they could see more for free!  HA!

So thank you fans for reading my first post. I will be attending Long Beach Comic Con over Halloween weekend and I hope to see you there and ready for the preview book of Ties!

More actual art coming soon.

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