Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Basement

Ties is showing up at The Basement gallery show this weekend. Ira has new bookmarks out and the preview books will be showing up for, hopefully, the last event. I am coming to the end of the book! All pages have been scripted and I am inking my heart out to get the rest done.

In completely different news, I go to the farmer's market every week (now that I'm unemployed it's my one indulgence) and I always find something new. This week it was a salt vendor. Yes you read that correctly. He had many varieties of salts, including smoked salt and even offered to host a salt tasting party. He was also selling these planks of hickory for home smoking. Hopefully I won't lite the house on fire.

I also found these unusual fruit. They are white inside and have big black seeds. They taste a bit like a pear. Can anyone name them? Just curious.

So now you have a little glimpse into where I find inspiration for the things Ira does. You meet the strangest people out there!

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