Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Beyond the Looking Glass

Happy Holidays, all!

Ira will always have a first and foremost place in my heart but I have been hard at work on other projects as well. This includes a pretty hilarious ABC book, Illumination Gallery and my next graphic novel, 4 Hire.

Ira's drawing style is still the most natural for me. Who wouldn't want to get away with not drawing noses?! I think I found a great balance between cartoony and realistic figures. I still like to sketch and doodle this way to get my ideas down.

Many people have asked about a sequel to Ties. I would like to do something more with the friends I've met in Ira's world but so far Ira hasn't had anything to say about it. Honestly, after working on the idea for over 8 years I think Ira's pretty satisfied .... for now. You never know when that imp will start demanding more stories to be told.

I hope all of you are having a blessed Holiday season. I know Ira didn't get you anything!

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