Thursday, May 26, 2011


This economy has hit everyone hard, not least of all me. I lost my job back in January and have been struggling since then to make ends meet. While I have been pressing ahead with my art collective, and could not stop the momentum of trying to finish my book, I find myself struggling to at last see ink to page!

I will not be deterred at this last stage, as you can see I met my Kickstarter goal, but I have been plagued by set backs. After meeting Stan Lee and heeding his advice for a new cover, I have been struggling for weeks to come up with a concept. Now that I have it realized, my computer is intent on exploding and I am racing to find a job to be able to afford to replace it.

My letterer has finished all the pages! No mean feat! Now it's up to me to work out the details and get my vision on paper. If I must crawl over broken glass I will see this accomplished. It's only one stumbling block on the path to personal greatness. No matter how many times I must literally beat my computer into working I will get this book DONE!

I am literally at the point where I am praying for a little karmatic mercy so I thought I would post to my blog in order to put it out there into the Universe.

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